Kind Man Met The Sweetest Stray Dog On The Beach And Realized He Had To Help Her Somehow
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Kind Man Met The Sweetest Stray Dog On The Beach And Realized He Had To Help Her Somehow

It was a very ordinary day when Eddie was just relaxing on the beach with his wife, and then something amazing happened.

The two met a very sweet stray dog who was immediately very friendly. They gave her some food to eat, and she gladly accepted.

At this point, I think the couple realized that they liked this pup and felt horrible for having to just leave her there.

However, things would quickly change. As soon as Eddie realized that he couldn’t just do nothing, he went to search for the dog again on the beach.

She Was Happy To See Them

As soon as they made the decision to help her, the couple went back to look for her. While they couldn’t find her right away, they continued to search.

One of the local women told them to try and look on the street near the food vendors which is where she usually is, so they went that way.

Eventually, she spotted them first and started walking to them. She was so happy to see the kind people who gave her food.

They gave her lots of pets and cuddles, and she wanted to hug them so much. Now, they had to figure out a way to take her home.

The dog, now named Cici, was placed in the car, and she looked so happy to be with her new friends. It’s almost like she understood that she was going to be adopted.

She was taken to a local rescue where they were staying, and a woman named Chelsea told them that she was going to help the dog for a while.

This sweet pup needed to first receive a medical examination, vaccines, and treatment in case she was suffering from any kind of disease.

Among other things, Chelsea was also going to help the couple take Cici back home to Pennsylvania.

Eddie Welcomes Cici To Her New Home

Now that things were mostly taken care of, Eddie and his wife enjoyed the rest of their trip and then went back home.

As soon as Cici was ready to travel, Chelsea helped her move to Pennsylvania, where her new parents eagerly awaited.

They brought her a welcome gift and were so happy to see her. Cici was more than glad to see her favorite people.

She understood that she had found a new life with them. After they took Cici to her forever home, she met Chooch, who was a very lovely dog.

While Eddie understood that it was going to take a while before the two were used to each other, he was already happy with how their first meeting went.

They are slowly getting to know each other and are also starting to play. The two dogs enjoyed the ‘welcome’ cake and then rested for a bit.

With time, these two dogs are going to become best friends and it will be nearly impossible to see them separated.

In the end, Eddie’s vacation proved to be one of the most amazing experiences he has had, thanks to Cici.

This amazing couple will always cherish the moments they spend with Cici and Chooch, and I am glad to see that they are enjoying their life.


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