Taylor Swift fans fuming over Eras Tour attendee selling ‘rare’ bracelet given to her by singer’s mother for $200
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Taylor Swift fans fuming over Eras Tour attendee selling ‘rare’ bracelet given to her by singer’s mother for $200

Swiftie Under Fire for Auctioning Alleged Keepsake from Andrea Swift at Eras Tour

A Taylor Swift fan is under fire for selling a bracelet that she claims the popstar’s mom, Andrea, gave her at an Eras Tour concert. Some fans are declaring they’d never do the same — not in their Wildest Dreams.

In a post to X, previously known as Twitter, a fan shared a screenshot of the concertgoer’s ad for the bracelet. The bracelet was selling for $300 on an online marketplace.

‘Someone is selling a bracelet that andrea gave them for $300,’ a user, who goes by @rockwellswift, captioned screenshots of the bracelet.

‘I’m so disgusted.’

Described as a ‘rare bracelet’ from the Eras Tour, the seller said they exchanged the jewelry with Andrea at Taylor’s Santa Clara concert in July 2023.


‘This is the ultimate friendship bracelet,’ the description continued. ‘I have the proof as her mom handed it to me.’

After being online for less than 24 minutes, the bracelet sold for $200 – much to the chagrin of Swifties.

‘Who would want to be buy that? Like honestly it means nothing if it wasn’t GIVEN to you,’ another person posted.

‘That’s so sad to me,’ someone else wrote.

‘I felt this exact way about the mom selling the 22 hat,’ one commenter chimed in, referencing the black fedora Taylor wears and gives away while singing 22.

‘Maybe this will be the reason a family gets food on their table, you never know what other people are struggling with. so no judgment,’ one user pointed out.

It’s not the first time Taylor fans have made money off selling used merchandise – or even rubbish – from her sold-out Eras tour.

In July, at her Foxborough, Massachusetts show, a concertgoer attempted to sell a container of rainwater. This rainwater had been collected after a downpour and was listed for a whopping $10,000.



The 34-year-old hitmaker had braved a torrential downpour while belting out her hits, with fans deciding to make the most of the memorable performance.

They collected a small amount of the apparently collectible rainwater from inside the stadium during the concert.

After the concert, a photo was shared to the Instagram account of Only In Boston. The photo showed the listing for the containers of water, which were selling for a grand total of $250.

Following another show, fans discovered a listing on the clothing sales site Depop. In this listing, the user offered a pair of dried-up disposable contacts with a specious connection to Swift. The price tag was a whopping $10,000.



The user described the gross items as ‘contacts that have seen taylor swift eras tour (sic).’

They were accurately described as being ‘used.’

After the listing was taken down, the user clarified on their profile page: ‘LMAO IT WAS A JOKE.’

During her Australian leg of the tour, several attendees tried flogging their free concert wristbands. They listed them for hundreds of dollars on Facebook Marketplace.

They advertised the bands for as much as $300 each thanks to the huge demand for the keepsakes.

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