Tavis Kelce n Taylor Swift’s Cooking … She makes a mean dessert!!!
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Tavis Kelce n Taylor Swift’s Cooking … She makes a mean dessert!!!

Travis Kelce gave a little taste on Tuesday of what Taylor Swift’s cooking is like …

Confirming she does make some good desserts — although, at first, he was reluctant to give any juicy details.

The pop star’s kitchen skills were brought up following the Chiefs star’s afternoon workout … when a reporter asked about a video Swift had recently posted of the two.

In the footage, Kelce and the “Love Story” singer can be seen huddling over a pan — before the tight end plants a kiss on her face.

Initially, Travis didn’t want to talk about the scene … telling the media member, “I’m going to keep that one to myself. Because I thoroughly enjoy cooking with her so it’s something I’d rather keep personal.”

But, minutes later … he circled back — and gave the journalist something to work with.

“Taylor makes a great Pop-Tart and cinnamon roll,” he said.

Kelce then jetted away from the podium with a smile on his face.

Of course, this is hardly the first rumblings we’ve heard of Swift’s ability to create mouthwatering treats. Andy Reid said in February her Pop-Tarts were so good, his offensive linemen devoured them before he could get one. Bernie Kosar said earlier this year she made delicious cinnamon rolls for Kelce’s pregame meal.

Unclear how her risotto is … but seems Kelce’s feeling fortunate to be breaking bread with her regardless.

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