Taylor Swift Fans Wonder Why She Added Black Gloves for Tortured Poets Era at Eras Tour in Scotland
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Taylor Swift Fans Wonder Why She Added Black Gloves for Tortured Poets Era at Eras Tour in Scotland

The ‘Cardigan’ singer debuted black gloves with her Vivienne Westwood ‘Tortured Poets Department’ dress in Edinburgh on Saturday, June 8

Taylor Swift debuted a new piece of clothing to her Eras Tour wardrobe during her stop in Edinburgh, Scotland!

At Gas Murrayfield on June 8, Swift, 34, added black gloves to her Vivienne Westwood gown for the Tortured Poets Department portion of her show, noticed by Swifties.

“NEW BLACK GLOVES?!? Here’s my not-exciting theory: they’re for practical purposes,” one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), alongside a photo of Swift sporting the gloves.

“It’s chilly in Edinburgh. TTPD is long and she dances very little until ‘Broken Heart.’

Her hands need to be warm to avoid another acoustic-set hand cramp. So, gloves. But fashionable ones!”



Another user on X shared the same theory alongside a video of Swift singing the track “But Daddy I Love Him” from her latest album.

“Taylor is now wearing black gloves during the TTPD set tonight after her hand cramped from the cold yesterday,” the person wrote. “(As someone who isn’t used to this weather even though it’s warm for locals, same Taylor, same.) #EdinburghTStheErasTour.”

It’s a sound theory, as Deadline reported that the Grammy-winning singer paused her first show in Edinburgh on Friday, June 7, due to the cold.



“Oh God! Hand cramp!” she reportedly said. “I’m so sorry, everyone. This has never happened before, but my hand is currently frozen. I’m just going to warm it. I’m feeling so embarrassed. My hand’s like a claw!”

During her first Eras Tour performance in the country, an eventful moment unfolded for a completely different reason — a couple getting engaged was witnessed by her.

“I love performing this entire show in the sunlight, because I’m pretty sure I just, like, saw somebody getting engaged over here,” she told the crowd after performing “Cardigan,” per a video posted on Threads.

She asked the couple if it happened and then confirmed for her fans that it did.

“You have no idea, I never get to see that, right? Because it’s, like, dark usually at night,” Swift explained. “But it’s not right now, so congratulations. Wow, I just saw that whole thing! Uh, man, that’s amazing. Thanks for doing that at my concert, that’s a big moment — huge!”

Despite the cold weather, Edinburgh had more than 17 hours of sunlight on Friday.

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