22 Jul, 2024
4 mins read

Tiny Innocent Puppies Found in a Box at the Bus Stop

During an ordinary day, a bus driver experienced an extraordinary turn of events when they discovered a box containing two small, vulnerable puppies at a bus stop on the city’s outskirts. Immediately recognizing the severity of the situation, the driver swiftly contacted the nearest animal shelter, sparking a beacon of hope for the abandoned puppies. […]

4 mins read

This Shelter Dog Was Rejected Twice Within Only A Few Months And It Broke Her Heart

One of the most heartbreaking things ever is seeing dogs get returned to the shelter after they were adopted, as their sad and disappointed faces can bring tears to one’s eyes. There are many instances of this happening and, unfortunately, it happened to the pup of today’s story, too. Lola was brought back to the shelter not once, but […]