22 Jul, 2024
Shelter Dog Returned Three Times Finds Forever Home With Couple Who Understands His Needs
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Shelter Dog Returned Three Times Finds Forever Home With Couple Who Understands His Needs

For one unfortunate pup named Eros, the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, had become the closest thing to a home he had ever known.

Born in a homeless encampment and never having experienced the stability of a steady family, Eros found himself at the shelter after his owner was arrested and animal control intervened.

A Cycle of Heartbreak

At first, it seemed like luck was on Eros’ side when he was quickly adopted after arriving at the shelter. However, this adoption would mark the beginning of a series of heartbreaks for the energetic canine.

His first adopter, overwhelmed by his high energy levels and hyperactivity, decided to return him to the shelter.

Undeterred, the shelter staff worked hard to find Eros another home. Their efforts paid off, but once again, the adoption was short-lived.

His second home had a dog already in the home and even with training and our assistance the existing dog in the home would not accept Eros as a house mate and they felt he was safer coming back to us,

Ruben Cantu, an animal care adoption supervisor at the shelter, told Dog Lovers

The Toll of Repeated Rejection

When Eros returned to the shelter for the third time, the staff couldn’t hide their disappointment and concern for the dog’s well-being.

They took to TikTok to share his story, hoping that someone would see beyond his energetic exterior and offer him the loving home he so desperately needed.

@valleyanimalcenter Poor Eros was returned for the third time through no fault of his own. He is still hopeful that his forever home is out there. 💔 Can you help him find his forever home? #shelterpet #shelteranimals #shelterlife #shelterdog #savealife #fypシ゚viral #foryou #sos #rescuedogs #animalrescue #adoptme ♬ Sad song by piano and violin(886018) – NOVA

Studies have shown that dogs living in shelters experience significantly higher levels of stress compared to those in stable households.

For Eros, the repeated cycle of adoption and rejection only compounded this stress, leaving him panting, spinning in circles, and jumping from wall to wall with anxiety.

The longer he stayed in the shelter, the more likely he would have declined mentally,

Cantu explained, emphasizing the urgent need to find Eros a permanent home.

A Perfect Match

Just when hope seemed to be fading, a fourth potential adopter reached out to the shelter, expressing interest in giving Eros a chance.

The staff, a mix of excitement and apprehension, decided to take the risk and believe that this time would be different.

Their instincts proved to be right. “Eros has found an amazing home with a couple that I truly believe understands what Eros has been through and what he needs to feel comfortable in his new home,” Cantu shared, his joy palpable.

Not only did Eros’ new family embrace his boundless energy, but he also found a canine companion who welcomed him with open paws.

If you had seen their first introduction to each other, you would think they had been best buds for a long time,

Cantu added.

After enduring so much stress and uncertainty, Eros finally found his happily ever after – a place where he can truly call home, surrounded by people and furry friends who love and understand him for the special dog he is.

Eros’ story serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and unwavering spirit of shelter dogs, and the incredible impact that a loving family can have on their lives.

May his journey inspire others to open their hearts and homes to the countless animals still waiting for their chance at happiness.

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