Dog Misses Foster Mom So Much That He Runs Away From His New Home Just To See Her
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Dog Misses Foster Mom So Much That He Runs Away From His New Home Just To See Her

We’ve all heard amazing rescue stories where a stray or abandoned dog meets his new family and goes to his forever home.

Those will always be heartwarming and great to read. However, I don’t think I have ever heard a story like this one.

In this article, we will talk about a dog who found his forever home, but was still eager to see his foster mom, so he escaped to find her.

Geoffrey Misses His Foster Home

When Geoffrey was first found, he was taken to a foster home where he spent a lot of time before he found his forever home.

The time came for him to go to his forever home with a new family, but Geoffrey didn’t want to be separated from his foster mom.

Now, he was in his new house, and all he did was cry out because he missed her so much.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, he fled from the house in hopes of finding her. Unfortunately, for Geoffrey, he got lost.

To make matters worse, he was hit by a car, but Geoffrey just continued running somewhere.

His foster mom (whose name is anonymous) told The DodoSo I’m out looking for Geoffrey. I don’t know which way he went, I don’t know where to look.

A Tip On Geoffrey’s Whereabouts

Both of his moms looked for him for a long time, but had no idea where he could have gone in his pursuit.

When the foster mom got some important information about Geoffrey, she rushed immediately to check it out.

Apparently, he was hiding in a warehouse and the workers there didn’t know what to do about him.

He was so afraid that he didn’t listen to anyone who tried to help him. However, upon hearing the familiar voice, he let down his guard and reunited with his foster mom once again.

Even though his new home was awesome and filled with love, Geoffrey knew where he truly belonged.

He is now the happiest dog because he gets to spend time with the people who truly matter to him the most.

If this story shows us anything, it’s how strong the bond between the two species is and how being kind to a stray dog can improve your life for the better.

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