The Pup Who Was Missing For Weeks Couldn’t Contain His Joy When He Got Reunited With His Human
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The Pup Who Was Missing For Weeks Couldn’t Contain His Joy When He Got Reunited With His Human

When his beloved dog went missing, Mecca felt devastated, and he desperately began searching for him across the streets of New York City.

With his whole heart, Mecca hoped that he would catch a glimpse of his pup running toward him and throwing himself into his arms.

As he couldn’t find him anywhere, Mecca began thinking that his best friend had been stolen. The heartbroken owner feared that he would never see him again.

Little did Mecca know that he would soon be reunited with his dear dog, who meant the world to him.

The Doggo Finds Himself At The Shelter

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) came across the dog who was wandering around and they brought him into their care.

Since the pup didn’t have a microchip, the shelter staff had no idea that he had an owner.

Upon his arrival at the shelter, the staffers fell in love with his gentle and sweet personality. They named him Jose.

The staff did notice that the pup was a little bit reserved. However, they couldn’t have known that the canine was terribly missing his dad and that he dreamed of being reunited with him.

Since the staffers were enchanted with Jose, they shared a video of the pup on the shelter’s TikTok account.

“At 135 pounds, he was an adorable, gentle giant [who] was too endearing to not share,” they said in a TikTok.

Mecca had no news about his beloved dog, and he began losing hope that he would ever hold him in his embrace again.

And then, weeks after his dog disappeared, Mecca came across the video of his pup that the shelter posted on TikTok.

As soon as he saw his adorable face again, Mecca became overwhelmed with happiness.

His best friend was safe and sound.

Mecca immediately contacted Animal Care Centers of NYC, telling the staffers that the doggo’s name was Mecca Jr. and that he was his owner.

The staffers saw photos of the pup on Mecca’s TikTok account, and they asked him to come to see the canine as soon as possible.

The Happiest Reunion

The next morning, the man dashed to the shelter to reunite with his missing dog. He couldn’t wait to hug him.

The moment the pooch saw his beloved human again, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He turned into a totally different dog.

Mecca Jr. started circling around with a big smile on his face.

“As soon as Jose saw him, he shed his gentle, aloof demeanor, revealing his true wiggly and goofy self. He showered his dad with nonstop hugs,” ACC said.

Mecca kissed his canine, feeling over the moon to have him in his arms again.

Generally, the New York City shelter has a procedure that they follow whenever someone claims to be the rightful guardian of a dog. In Mecca Jr.’s case, it wasn’t necessary.

The dog’s ecstatic reaction was infallible proof that Mecca was his dad.

After the necessary paperwork was completed, the dog stepped out of the shelter with his favorite human. His face was a picture of happiness.

The doggo and his dad headed home, feeling overjoyed that they found their way back to each other.

Mecca Jr.’s story highlights the importance of microchipping. If Mecca Jr. had been microchipped, he and his owner wouldn’t have gone through such heartache.

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