22 Jul, 2024
Dog Spends 10 Years Chained Near Cliff, Breaks Down When Rescuers Finally Arrive
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Dog Spends 10 Years Chained Near Cliff, Breaks Down When Rescuers Finally Arrive

In the vast sea of heartbreaking dog tales, Maru’s story stands out as a testament to the resilience of the canine spirit.

This sweet boy, once a cherished family member, found himself leashed in an isolated location near a treacherous cliff for an unimaginable ten years.

Despite the neglect and solitude, Maru never gave up hope that a better tomorrow would come.

Imprisoned By Circumstance

Maru’s journey began fourteen years ago when, as a young pup, he was purchased at a high price and spent four happy years with his original family.
However, fate took a cruel turn when he was entrusted to another owner who decided to keep him leashed outside, far from the warmth and comfort of a loving home.

It was an extremely windy day, with heavy rain and snowfall. Over the years, we’ve encountered several abandoned dogs, but this location was one of the worst,

the rescue team from WEACT wrote on Instagram
Maru’s prison was a small structure that barely passed for a dog house, perched dangerously close to the edge of a cliff.

The short leash that tethered him allowed little movement, forcing him to huddle under a sheet of metal to escape the elements.

A Glimmer Of Hope

When WEACT received a report about a dog left alone for an extended period, they wasted no time rushing to the scene.

What they found broke their hearts – Maru, his fur matted and tangled like armor, greeting them with wagging tails despite his dire circumstances.

If he had taken only one step back, he might have fallen off the cliff. Under these conditions, we wonder how long this little dog had to endure all this,

the rescuers shared

As they untied him from his leash, Maru’s joy was palpable. The team couldn’t help but wonder if they had arrived too late, as the dog had already lost ten precious years of his life to this cruel existence.

The Road To Recovery

Maru’s journey to a new life began with a trip to the rescue facility, where he was greeted with bowls of fresh water and food that he eagerly devoured.

Years of neglect had left him emaciated, his true condition hidden beneath layers of matted fur.

The tangled mess of fur that was hanging on his body looked like an armor,

WEACT wrote

As the groomers carefully shaved away the dirt-caked coat, the extent of Maru’s hardship became clear.

Scars and tumors marred his body, most of his teeth were missing, and he was diagnosed with stage-2 heartworms.

Yet, through it all, Maru’s love for human companionship never wavered. He reveled in the attention, soaking up every bit of affection as if making up for lost time.

WEACT will now become his family. We will ensure to provide him with happiness in a warm and safe environment,

the rescue team pledged

Though Maru’s golden years may be few, his rescuers are determined to fill them with the love and comfort he has always deserved.

His story serves as a powerful reminder of the difference we can make in the lives of animals, no matter how dire their circumstances may seem.

In Maru’s wagging tail and smiling face, we find hope – hope that even after a decade of loneliness and neglect, a dog’s capacity for love and trust knows no bounds.

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