Dog Used For Breeding Is Finally Taken Into A Shelter Where She Met Her New Favorite Person
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Dog Used For Breeding Is Finally Taken Into A Shelter Where She Met Her New Favorite Person

It’s a pretty common practice for some people to use dogs for breeding purposes. Some treat them well, others not so much.

Regardless, it’s not ethical and needs to stop. Unfortunately, it won’t stop anytime soon.

Sybie was just one such victim. Her life was not going so great. She had suffered a lot while she was still with her owner.

When he dumped her because she was no longer useful, she struggled and was forced to live on the streets of Chicago until a group of rescuers came to save her.

Sybie’s Most Exciting Day

When she was taken into the shelter, she was still quite young and there was a decent chance that she would find a forever home.

While it’s true that most people want a puppy, Sybie was still very lively and playful. She deserved a good family.

She stayed in the shelter for roughly three months, and then something amazing happened. Someone special walked through the door.

Erica came to adopt a dog. She told GeoBeats Animals: “When I went to visit her, those dogs were just begging to be taken out and she was not barking at all. I walked up and she was just licking my hand up and down.

At that very moment, she knew that Sybie was the right dog for her. Erica adopted her and immediately took the dog into her new home in Wisconsin.

Her life has changed dramatically in just a few short days. She immediately settled into her new house and is exploring every nook and cranny.

One of her favorite things to do is run outside with her mom and roll in the grass. It looks so adorable, especially when she does it so randomly.

Erica theorized that she must have been in a home before because of how quickly she got used to living there.

She said: “I think she just really appreciates where she’s at now and she has a whole family, and she’s got all these different cozy places to snuggle in.

She Just Enjoys Her Life

One person she loves so much who is not Erica is actually her boyfriend. It’s so wholesome to see the two of them together.

He and Sybie have a very special bond and even Erica recognizes that it’s different. It’s hard to see them separated when he’s around.

Erica loves taking her on walks regularly and often notices how adorable her ears are. They are always really flapping and she loves seeing it.

One thing that Erica was curious about was the information about her breed. She did an Embark test, and Sybie came back as a 100% American Pit Bull Terrier.

It’s heartwarming to see how sweet and happy this dog is all the time. Erica said: “If I didn’t get her when I did, there is a likelihood that she may not have still been there.

Looking back on everything, she realized that she might have almost taken in another dog because she had been looking to adopt for quite some time.

Some of those pups in the shelter were put down around the time she had met Sybie for the first time.

Regardless, she is so happy to have this dog in her life. She has had such an incredible impact on Erica and I am glad to see she is doing okay.

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