Is Travis Kelce Being Pressured To Propose To Taylor Swift After Ex Matty Healy Engagement
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Is Travis Kelce Being Pressured To Propose To Taylor Swift After Ex Matty Healy Engagement

Travis Kelce may be facing more pressure than a safety coming full speed at him across the middle.

Every September, the star Kansas City Chiefs tight end begins his quest for another Super Bowl ring but now his significant other in Taylor Swift could be looking for her own ring – an engagement one.

The added weight on Kelce could be coming now that Swift’s ex Matty Healy proposed to his new girlfriend less than a year after dating Taylor. Healy, who is also the lead singer of the alt rock indie pop group The 1975, proposed to 26-year-old model Gabbriette Bechtel on Tuesday. This happened while both were attending the Charli XCX concert in New York City.

Getting engaged at a Charli XCX concert? I mean, what could be more romantic?


Taylor Swift



The engagement comes 10 months after Healy and Swift called it quits after dating for a few months.

The controversial-at-times Healy faced a lot of pressure and criticism once he was propelled into the Taylor Swift level of fame. Swifties ripped him for past comments he made ridiculing Swift’s friend and fellow artist Ice Spice. There was also a bizarre incident where he ate raw meat on stage at Madison Square Garden. This had vegans freaking out.

But anyone who has ever dated anyone that then went on and got engaged to someone else knows EXACTLY the feeling that Taylor had last night. She may be a billionaire and one of the most popular musicians in the world, but underneath it all she has the same emotions that all humans have. Just read her lyrics!


Swifties decided to jump in on the engagement news – with clearly level-headed and not crazy takes like this one.



“I just don’t understand why Matty would propose so soon after an album like [Swift’s] TTPD drops. They’ve been dating 10 months… He couldn’t wait 6 months or another yard? Why would he be so insensitive to Taylor? It just feels like he really wants to hurt her, like he doesn’t care about her feelings at all.”


No wonder The 1975 star got away from that world. Imagine having EVERY SINGLE THING you do analyzed to that level? Forget that.

It doesn’t just stop there. Many Swifites have been chiming in, criticizing Healy. They don’t know him at all besides what they see in interviews and on stage. And now, his recent engagement is drawing even more scrutiny.




That’s the world that Travis Kelce now finds himself in.

Who, if he didn’t have enough pressure on him with people and Swift herself possibly wondering when he’s going to propose to her – he sure does now. There isn’t anyway that Taylor is going to be outshined by her ex-boyfriend, after all.

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