Taylor Swift Struggles to Shake Off Snot Wiping Boogers On Tour Outfit?!?
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Taylor Swift Struggles to Shake Off Snot Wiping Boogers On Tour Outfit?!?

Taylor Swift was caught wiping her snot on her Eras Tour costumes as she performed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Swift was freezing during her “Eras” tour stop in Edinburgh, and the evidence of this was pretty gross as she appeared to be bogged down in snot.

The singer recently took the stage at Murrayfield Stadium in Scotland’s capital, performing for three sold-out crowds despite the 40-degree temperatures.

Yet, the frigid cold took a toll on Taylor — whose nose couldn’t stop dripping nose fluid during her show.

Swifties caught some of her sniffles on camera, and it’s quite gnarly.

Taylor can be seen wiping away boogers from her nose, which are then observed dripping down from her hand. Yuck!

At another point, Taylor was filmed picking her nose again and rubbing whatever came out onto her “Reputation” era jumpsuit.


Taylor Swift


While some fans are understandably grossed out by the footage, loyal Swifties are coming to Taylor’s defense. They remind critics that she is only human and bound to have moments like this, just like everyone else.

Other Swifties have applauded Taylor for powering through her three concerts despite the cold weather. Attendees confirmed that the weekend was indeed icy.

Another viral video from the weekend showed Taylor trying to keep on her “Midnights” era fuzzy jacket. Clearly freezing as she performed “Lavender Haze.

While Taylor is known for performing in all sorts of inclement weather, her tour is reportedly becoming a breeding ground for sickness. According to El Nacional, thousands of fans have come down with COVID-19 after Taylor’s shows in Madrid and Paris.

Let’s hope there’s plenty of hand sanitizer at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, England, where Taylor is set to perform on Thursday.

A surge of COVID would make for a cruel summer, indeed.

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