Just Stop Oil spray paint private jets and ‘target Taylor Swift’s plane’ at Stansted Airport
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Just Stop Oil spray paint private jets and ‘target Taylor Swift’s plane’ at Stansted Airport

Just Stop Oil climate protesters have filmed themselves breaking into a private airfield and spraying jets orange.

They targeted Taylor Swift’s private jet. The superstar had touched down in the UK for her Eras tour just hours earlier.

The group said: “Jennifer and Cole cut the fence into the private airfield at Stansted where Taylor Swift’s jet is parked. They were demanding an emergency treaty to end fossil fuels by 2030.”

Police sources said they had since been informed that the Shake It Off singer’s jet wasn’t at the private airfield. Flight tracking data appears to show Swift’s Falcon 7x jet landing in Stansted at around 11pm last night.

An Essex Police spokesman said officers “moved quickly” to arrest a 22-year-old woman from Brighton. They also arrested a 28-year-old woman from Dumbarton on suspicion of criminal damage and interference with the use or operation of national infrastructure.



Two female activists appeared to use a circular saw to cut their way through a chainlink fence.

The fence was protecting the private airfield at Stansted Airport, where they claimed Taylor Swift’s jet is currently stationed. The pair painted two private jets using fire extinguishers filled with orange paint taking selfies in front of the vandalised planes at around 5am on Thursday.

A statement provided by the group said: “We’re living in two worlds: one where billionaires live in luxury, able to fly in private jets away from the other, where unlivable conditions are being imposed on countless millions.


“Meanwhile, this system that is allowing extreme wealth to be accrued by a few, to the detriment of everyone else, is destroying the conditions necessary to support human life in a rapidly accelerating never-ending ‘cruel summer’. Billionaires are not untouchable, climate breakdown will affect every single one of us.”

For weeks, scrutiny over singer Taylor Swift’s travel in private jets has been bubbling up on social media, with people pointing out the planet-warming emissions of carbon dioxide released with every flight.

University of Central Florida student Jack Sweeney runs social media accounts that track private jets.

He claimed Swift had travelled roughly 178,000 miles on her two jets in 2023.

Swift’s legal team subsequently issued Sweeney with a “cease and desist” letter, accusing the 21-year-old of “stalking and harassing behaviour”.

A Stansted airport spokesman told The Independent: “Shortly after 5am, Essex Police arrested two protestors who had entered the private aviation area of the airfield, away from the runway and main passenger terminal.



“As a precaution, runway operations were suspended for a short period, but no flights were disrupted, and the airport and flights are operating as normal.”

An Essex Police spokesperson said “officers responded quickly and made two arrests”.

“Officers were on the scene within minutes and detained two people,” they said.

“The airport and flights are operating as normal.”

Chief Superintendent Simon Anslow said: “I would like to reassure passengers and the wider public. We are well prepared and resourced to deal with incidents of this nature.”

“Almost immediately after we were made aware of this incident, we were on the scene. The incident took place away from the main passenger terminal.”

“We maintain a constant presence at the airport and this presence will be heightened over the summer period.

“We have a good working relationship with Manchester Airport Group and Stansted Airport. This ensures you can go about your travels with minimal impact.”

“We are not anti protest but we will always take action where criminal acts take place.”

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