Labrador Lost For 2 Long Years Bursts With Happiness When She Finally Sees Her Dad
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Labrador Lost For 2 Long Years Bursts With Happiness When She Finally Sees Her Dad

Sometimes, it is difficult to stop dogs from being curious and exploring their surroundings. Although there is nothing wrong with that, things can go wrong when the dog goes a little too far in its exploration.
Unaware of the consequences, he can often lead himself and his loved ones into situations from which there is no way out.

However, if the love and bond between them are strong enough, even long years of separation need not be an obstacle to a touching moment of reunion.

Her Intelligence And Ingenuity Cost Her Dearly

A chocolate Labrador named Pakita is a very intelligent dog whose implacable curiosity and passion for research often could not be controlled.

Although her dad, Ariel Naveira, tried everything to at least reduce the frequency of her exhibitions around the neighborhood, this dog always found ways to do what she wanted.

So, one day, while her dad was at work, Pakita was wandering around the neighborhood when she saw a squirrel. She couldn’t help but run after it, and she followed it for a long time before she lost sight of it.

Unfortunately, she had gone too far and didn’t know how to get back home. She started in one direction, thinking she was on the right path, but in fact, she got even further away from home.

Then, she saw several houses and went to drink some water in one of the courtyards, thinking that people everywhere were as pleasant as they were in her neighborhood.

Unfortunately, that was not the case this time, and they chased her away from their houses. Some children even threw stones at her, fearing a large, unknown dog.

It was an experience that completely broke Pakita because she was not used to being treated like that by anyone. That’s why she didn’t wander anymore, but just curled up in one place, desperately thinking about her dad whom she already missed so much.

Several residents of that settlement decided to take care of her for the sake of people’s safety as well as her own, and they took her to a nearby shelter.

She Was A Completely Different Dog At The Shelter

In the shelter, Pakita was welcomed with open arms by volunteer, Silvia Ferreyra, and her colleagues.

These people thought that the dog would be delighted by the fact that they were providing her with such a warm welcome and much love. But, it was completely the opposite because she was very sad and withdrawn.
They suspected that this dog might have been abandoned and that was why she was in such a depressed state. But, they thought that this would change over time, after which, they would find her a new, happy family.

Unfortunately, not much had changed no matter how much time had passed. Nevertheless, Silvia and her colleagues tried everything to somehow accommodate her.

Although many potential adopters prefer a puppy, even those who had wanted her just couldn’t reach her because she was too shy and withdrawn. It was clear that she didn’t really want a new family.

To make things even more complicated, they weren’t even able to take a proper picture of her because she wasn’t willing to look at the camera or even make eye contact.

And, it was like that for 2 long years! Yes, you heard right… that long!

However, after so much agony, Pakita finally found some strength to at least look into Silvia’s camera to take a picture of her and post it on social media, hoping that someone would respond.

And, finally, luck knocked on the door of this shelter.

“Immediately, we get a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that he had been looking for her!” Ferreyra said for The Dodo.

They agreed that she and her son, Ariel, would come to the shelter the very next day. The entire staff was very excited and everyone couldn’t wait for that moment to finally happen.

She Completely Lost It When She Saw Him

That day had finally come. Naveira was waiting outside the shelter and he definitely couldn’t be blamed for being very tense and suspicious. Who wouldn’t be after such a long time?

After a few minutes, they also brought Pakita to that place. As soon as he saw her, Ariel couldn’t keep the smile off his face. It was definitely his Pakita that he didn’t give up on after being apart for so long.
Still, Pakita was just circling and looking around suspiciously, occasionally glancing at Ariel. She couldn’t understand what was happening, or maybe she didn’t have the courage to understand.

However, she quickly gathered it and finally approached him. The smell never deceives, and how could she forget the smell of her home? It was her daddy, and after two long years, they were in each other’s arms again.

That one hug lasted like an eternity for them, and it managed to heal all the wounds caused by the two-year agony in which they were deprived of each other’s love. They were finally together again.

You can watch the touching moment of their reunion in the video below.

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