Rescue Dog Couldn’t Contain Excitement When He Got Into The Arms Of His New Family
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Rescue Dog Couldn’t Contain Excitement When He Got Into The Arms Of His New Family

Sometimes, the beginning is not easy, and we may encounter problems that prevent us from being happy and leading a normal life. However, this doesn’t mean that we should not fight and believe that things will get better.

This is exactly the fate that befell Doby, a 1-and-a-half-year-old Jack Russell terrier and whippet-mix. He was diagnosed with failure to thrive soon after his birth which made it questionable whether he would survive at all.

Fortunately, he managed to overcome his most difficult moments, and then good people appeared who decided to ensure him a brighter future. A big-hearted woman from Texas stepped in and became his foster mom for a certain period.

After that, Doby was taken care of by B.A.A.R.K. Dog Rescue. They were able to find him an experienced foster mom from Crystal Lake, Illinois, Jenny Leech.

At that moment, a new page was turned in the life of this dog, but he still had a long way to go to a happy ending.

The Joy Of His Foster Family

As soon as Doby came to his new foster home in Crystal Lake, Illinois, he brought positive energy into the house. At the same time, his foster family welcomed him with open arms.

“This happy guy is equal parts fun and sweet with a lot of snuggling mixed in,” Jenny wrote in her Facebook post“He prefers to sleep cuddled up next to someone.”

Dobby only progressed in this foster home and showed his true personality more and more every day, which was painted with the colors of happiness and joy. He especially adored kids, and Jenny’s grandchildren immediately fell in love with Doby after meeting him for the first time.

This amazing dog literally loved everybody, so he had no problems with other dogs or animals. Moreover, he enjoyed their company very much.

“He is great with dogs of all sizes, cats and kids,” Jenny wrote in the post. “He loves to play fetch and is playful with other dogs.”

Dobby was a real joy to his foster family, but Jenny knew that this fairy tale could not last forever. That’s why she did everything in her power to find Doby a perfect family that will give him the love and attention he deserves at any moment.

She had no idea that one particular family had already fallen in love with him after seeing his photos on her Facebook profile. In addition, they had yet another special reason to give this dog a forever home.

Fulfillment Of A Life-Long Dream

Before Marcia and Brad saw Doby on Facebook, they were still grieving their late dog, Opie, who had passed away three years earlier. It took them a long time to find the strength to mourn that loss and turn a new page, but that day has finally come.

When they saw Doby’s picture, they knew that he was the right one, and one symbolic event convinced them even more.

“His new mom even said that Opie sent them a sign on the day I was bringing Doby for a home visit,” Jenny told The Dodo“As they were sitting on the patio, a monarch butterfly landed on their memorial stone in honor of Opie.”

Marcia and Brad were convinced it was Opie’s message from heaven, as a kind of confirmation that Doby was welcome in their home. When Doby finally arrived, he couldn’t contain his excitement as he knew that his longtime dream had come true.

Today, Doby, now called Floyd, is truly the happiest dog in the world, living his dreams in a forever home. At the same time, his parents are no longer heartbroken because they know that the spirit of their beloved Opie lives on in Floyd.

Although the beginning was difficult, everything worked out in the end for both the dog and his new family, and another beautiful story with the happiest ending was written.

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