Taylor Swift Gets Stuck on Platform After Stage Malfunction During Dublin Concert
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Taylor Swift Gets Stuck on Platform After Stage Malfunction During Dublin Concert

When it comes to stage mishaps, Taylor Swift and her crew are experts at shaking it off!

During her second Eras Tour concert in Dublin on Saturday, June 29, Swift, 34, got stuck on a raised platform. Thankfully, one of her dancers gave her a helping hand.

While performing “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” a staple of the Tortured Poets Department portion of the tour setlist, the pop superstar was stranded midair. This happened on a platform at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. The platform did not retract according to plan.

Rather than disappearing into the stage like the platform across from her — which held one of her backup dancers, Jan Ravnik — did, the part of the structure that the singer was standing on stayed firmly planted, fan-captured footage shows.

Ever the professionals, however, Swift and Ravnik did not miss a beat before smoothly handling the technical mishap.


Taylor Swift performs in Dublin on June 28.


Not wasting a moment, Ravnik walked over to the star’s platform immediately after his own reached the floor. He helped her down effortlessly as she smiled down at him. Another clip of the performance shows this.

Now both on flat ground, Swift and Ravnik went about business as usual. They got back into formation before “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” bridge. During this part, a group of dancers emerged for some marching band-inspired choreography.

During the same Eras Tour show, Swift opened up about Folklore.

She revealed that Ireland played a large part in the development of the story of the fantasy-inspired pandemic-era album.

After performing “Cardigan,” the lead single from the record, which took home the Grammy for album of the year in 2021, Swift told the audience, “Folklore in general, it just belongs in Ireland.”

“How I imagined the album world looking [was like] Ireland. Storytelling with lots of different characters,” she continued, referring to the melancholic tales within the hit album. “You guys have that on lock, too. That’s very Irish, the storytelling.”

“When I was making this album, it was two days into the pandemic that I started Folklore, I wasn’t in Ireland. So I had to create an album where the imaginary world that I pretended to go to every single day while I was writing it… I gotta be honest, kinda seemed like Ireland,” the Grammy winner told the crowd. “So we’re back to where we belong!”


Taylor Swift wears orange and green in a nod to the Irish flag while performing in Dublin on June 28.


The singer’s first Dublin show on Friday, June 30, was also filled with Irish pride. During Red’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” one of her backup dancers, Kameron Saunders, participated in a Swiftian tradition: giving each Eras Tour host country a shout-out in its native language. Saunders screamed the Irish phrase “póg mo thóin,” which, in English, means “kiss my ass.”

Night one in Dublin also saw Swift sporting an orange crop top and ombré green skirt in a shimmery — and stylish! — nod to the country’s flag.

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