Taylor Swift: Seven-year-old gets singer’s famous 22 hat
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Taylor Swift: Seven-year-old gets singer’s famous 22 hat

Swiftie, seven, gets idol’s hat at Cardiff show

A lucky Swiftie had the “best night of her life” when she was chosen by Taylor Swift to be the recipient of the singer’s hat.

Evie Frith, seven, travelled from Swindon to Cardiff’s packed out Principality Stadium to see the singer on Tuesday with her parents. But not in her wildest dreams did she imagine her idol would pick her out of a crowd, hug her, and give her a hat associated with the hit song 22.



Evie’s mum, Kayleigh, said she and her daughter were still in shock. “At the end of Love Story, someone grabbed Evie and me and said ‘quick, run’.”

“They took us to the ground floor bit – I have no idea how they spotted Evie. I really believe it was meant to be,” she said. The American star, 34, wears a black fedora, from designer Gladys Tamez, each time she performs 22 on the Eras Tour.

Giving the hat away has now become a staple of almost every Swift concert on the tour.

It is a nod to the music video which sees her sport the hat, as well as a T-shirt with the text: “Not a lot going on at the moment.”

As Taylor placed the hat on top of her head, she said: “We have the same shirt on.”



Kayleigh said: “We only got tickets two days ago on a complete off chance after trying for a long time. Evie cried her eyes out when she found out she was going. It was really lovely when Evie got the hat and how all the crowd cheered her on and clapped.

“When we got back to our seats, everyone congratulated her and clicked pictures with the hat together. Taylor has a really lovely bunch of fans.” Kayleigh said she would never forget the evening. “Evie is up and ready to not stop talking about it to her friends all day.”

“Before meeting Taylor, Evie’s favourite track was Getaway Car but after last night, it is 22!” she said.

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