Travis Kelce announcement made moments after appearing on stage with Taylor Swift
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Travis Kelce announcement made moments after appearing on stage with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce made a surprise appearance at Wembley Stadium during Taylor Swift’s latest concert on her “Eras Tour.”

His appearance also came with a surprise announcement.

Mere moments after the Kansas City Chiefs star was spotted on stage with his pop megastar partner, the “New Heights” X account made an announcement. The account is connected to the podcast he cohosts with his older brother Jason. It revealed that a new episode of the popular show will be released on Wednesday. Though the topics of the podcast remain unknown, it appears the team behind the show is letting fans know what to expect.


Travis Kelce even carried Taylor Swift at one point in the concert


In the image attached to the announcement, there is a Union Jack. It also includes pictures of a corgi, fish and chips, and a double-decker bus. This seemingly alludes to the upcoming episode featuring the Kelce brothers’ trip to England. Of note, the announcement also hints at what happened behind the scenes. This allowed the three-time Super Bowl champion to join Swift onstage.

Both Travis and Jason made waves after fans spotted them at Wembley Stadium at certain parts of Swift’s performance. Travis made his “Eras Tour” stage debut. He joined Swift and her dancers as they performed the 34-year-old’s hit “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart,” one of the songs from “The Tortured Poets Department,” her latest album.

Travis danced along with the professional dancers as Swift.

At one point, the star tight end carried Swift to a bed shaped like a broken heart. Some on social media have interpreted this as Travis being the one to help the songstress out of heartbreak.

The Chiefs star also fanned Swift and pretended to fix her makeup during his time on stage, all with a smile. He seemed to be enjoying his time with Swift on stage at Wembley. Then, he helped her change into another costume for the next phase of her concert before waving goodbye to the crowd.


Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce was in Wembley Stadium with Taylor Swift, shocking the crowd at the concert


Travis’ foray on stage is just the latest in what has been a very eventful trip for the tight end. Earlier, cameras spotted Travis spending time with Tom Cruise. The two shared a hearty laugh, and at one point, they even danced to Swift’s 2014 hit “Shake It Off.”

The two men also shared a private conversation, as the crowd around them erupted whenever Swift performed. One video shared on social media showed Travis putting his hands on Cruise’s shoulder. He leaned in to share some words with the Hollywood megastar.

Both men then shared a laugh as Cruise softly patted Travis’ hands in acknowledgment.

Along with Cruise, “That 70s Show” stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were also seen by fans attending the concert, showing just how big Swift’s presence is.


Elsewhere, Jason also made waves among Swifties, with some comparing her to Team USA’s legendary swimmer Katie Ledecky. As the Philadelphia Eagles legend was making his way around the stadium, fans spotted the recently retired star. He had a beverage firmly grasped in his mouth.

As he walked around, Jason fixed friendship bracelets on his wrist. He kept the beverage still in his mouth with a proper grip on the drink. Fans noted Jason’s ability to maintain the drink in his mouth, similar to Ledecky swimming with a glass of milk on her head.

With so much happening at Swift’s concert, it stands to reason that the two brothers will disclose how it happened on the newest episode of the “New Heights.”

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