Travis Kelce ‘Loves’ That Taylor Swift Wrote a Few Songs About Him
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Travis Kelce ‘Loves’ That Taylor Swift Wrote a Few Songs About Him

Taylor Swift appears to be putting her love for Travis Kelce to song.

On April 19, the “Fortnight” singer dropped her new album The Tortured Poets Department (and a double album at 2 a.m.) and fans believe she has a few lyrics about the Kansas City Chiefs football player throughout.

Not only does she include football references in one song, but she also sings about their love feeling “so high school” following cute memes that compared their romance to her living out her Fearless song “You Belong With Me.”

Of course, Kelce isn’t the only person Swift sings about on the new album. As Swift details a tumultuous time in her personal life, she writes pointed lyrics about her ex-boyfriends, including Joe Alwyn, whom she dated for six years, and Matty Healy, who she briefly dated in 2023.

While discussing the album during her Eras Tour earlier this year, Swift said writing the songs was a real “lifeline” for her as she dealt with heartbreak, disappointment and her time in the spotlight.

Read ahead for all the songs that reference Kelce.

“The Alchemy”

The song getting the most attention is track 15, “The Alchemy,” which includes many football references. Throughout the song, Swift seemingly sings about making a big “comeback” following various heartbreaks. At one point, the lyrics appear to be about moving on from her English ex-boyfriends Alwyn and Healy and dating Kelce as she sings, “These blokes warm the benches / We’ve been on a winning streak.”

The bridge also seems to include a pointed reference to Kelce winning the Super Bowl (for which Swift was by his side). “Shirts off, and your friends lift you up, over their heads / Beer stickin’ to the floor, cheers chanted ’cause they said / ‘There was no chance trying to be the greatest in the league’ / Where’s the trophy? He just comes, running over to me,” she sings, apparently a nod to Kelce reuniting with her on the field after his big win.


“Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus”

In The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, the double album of The Tortured Poets Department released at 2 a.m., Swift seemingly makes another reference to Kelce in “Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus.” Though fans have theorized that the song is largely about the aftermath of her relationship with Healy, she does include a quick lyric about moving on with someone else (and that someone else just might be a popular football star): “And you saw my bones out with somebody new / Who seemed like he would’ve bullied you in school.”


“So High School”

In track 22, Swift sings about a newfound love feeling “so high school” which many have theorized is about Kelce (after all, their love story has been compared by fans to Gabriella and Troy from High School Musical on many occasions).

The song, which is reminiscent of music from her Fearless era, also includes some pointed football references as a nod to Kelce. At one point, she even references an old interview Kelce did where he was asked who he would marry, kiss and kill between her, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. (For what it’s worth, he said he’d kiss Swift.)

“Are you gonna marry, kiss, or kill me (Kill me) / It’s just a game, but really (Really) / I’m bettin’ on all three for us two (All three),” Swift sings.

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