Travis Kelce Says It Was His Idea to Join Taylor Swift Onstage in London for Eras Show: ‘An Absolute Blast’
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Travis Kelce Says It Was His Idea to Join Taylor Swift Onstage in London for Eras Show: ‘An Absolute Blast’

Travis Kelce is spilling the details of his surprise cameo at Taylor Swift’s show in London!

On the season two finale episode of the “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” podcast that published on Wednesday, July 3, the NFL star, 34, opened up about the experience of joining his girlfriend onstage for her Eras concert at London’s Wembley Stadium. He said the whole thing was actually his idea.

“I initially mentioned it to Tay,” Travis told his brother and co-host Jason Kelce. “I was like, ‘How funny would it be if I just rolled out on one of the bikes during the 1989 era.’ ”

Swift, 34, initially laughed at the idea, Travis said, before asking, ” ‘Would you seriously be up for doing something like that?’

Travis was game. “I was just like, ‘What? I would love to do that, are you kidding me? I’ve seen the show enough — might as well put me to work here,’ ” he recalled. “And sure enough, she found the perfect part of the show for me to come in.”


Taylor Swift
Kelce said it was his idea to join Swift onstage at her Eras show in London on June 23.


The Kansas City Chiefs player shocked Swifties with his guest appearance during the concert on June 23.

He appeared in a tuxedo, carrying Swift onstage during her third show at London’s Wembley Stadium.

“There was no bike in case I ran into somebody else or hit one of the dancers or anything,” Travis explained. “It was the safest option.”

He then joined Swift for her “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” outfit change segment. This segment was incorporated into the Eras show along with her The Tortured Poets Department album. He powdered Swift’s face and showed off some dance moves before leaving the stage.

Those dance moves were inspired by Jim Carey’s tap dance in the film Dumb and Dumber, Travis said. “I always wanted to pull out this move, but I never knew like when I should pull it out where it made sense,” he said. “That’s one of my favorite moves of all time!”


Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce onstage at Wembley Stadium.


During the podcast, Travis praised Swift for being a “true showman,” saying it was an “honor” being beside her onstage.

“It was an absolute blast,” he shared. “Such a fun, playful part of the show and it was like… the perfect time for me to go up there, just be a ham and have some fun. Not only with [Swift] but the crowd and really try and get everybody excited for the rest of the show. It was awesome.”

Travis also spoke of his overwhelmed reaction to the crowd’s response to him onstage with Swift.

“When everyone found out that it was me — because it took a second for everyone to figure it out — that moment was pretty jarring. I was just like, ‘Oh s—,’ ” he said. “And you don’t realize how big that damn stage is. It is easily as big as a football stadium … it’s way bigger than I could have ever imagined.”

“But no, it was awesome. And I didn’t disappoint Taylor, so that’s all that really matters,” Travis added.

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